Welcome to Safety Does It

'Safety Does It' stands for professional Health and Safety consultancy. We look after and support your company what ever it's size, in all your Health and Safety needs, all the way from short-term one-off activities to complete long-term projects, from small and medium-sized businesses right up to large corporations. Our goal is to provide integrated, sustainable solutions to your Health and Safety issues in every challenge your company may face.


And what's more it wont cost a fortune, with low retainer fee of £ 500.00 fixed for the first 2 years, your business can retain its own Health and Safety Proffessional for less than £10.00 per week so even if you are a small company we wont break the bank.

The fee includes a full annual audit, HSE updates and free telephone advise.

What makes us different


Our consultancy based on experience and expertise: a personal involvement in improving the Health and Safety culture within your company, to find out more about the principles that guide our work and the directors of 'Safety Does It'.

About us


We offer a pragmatic approach to Health and Safety which our customers tell us they appreciate, we will not introduce any unnecessay paperwork or procedures, only those which are appropriate to your business and 'Suitable and Sufficient' to meet with current legislation, which means that your Management, Staff and Operatives, can concentrate on running your business. 



Why Choose 'Safety Does It'


We offer comprehensive and personalised Health and Safety support and advise for every challenge your company may face.

We can make a difference to your company profile, and relieve you and your management of the burden of Health and Safety, and leave you free to run your business. 

We can represent you when dealing with authorities such as the HSE or Factory Inspectors. 




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